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At the Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC., we believe that activist investing can unlock significant value for our investor, Jake P. Noch. We take a proactive approach to our investments by identifying companies that we believe have significant potential but are poorly managed.

Our activist investment criteria are designed to maximize returns while minimizing risk for our investor. Below are the key factors we consider when making activist investment decisions:

  1. Identification of Target Companies: We identify target companies that have significant potential but are poorly managed. We use a range of data sources and analytical tools to identify these companies and determine the potential value we can unlock through activism.

  2. Legal Action: We are not afraid to take legal action to protect our investments and to block management from running companies without proper checks and balances. We have a team of experienced legal professionals who work with us to protect our interests and ensure that the company is operating in the best interests of shareholders.

  3. Governance Structures: We analyze the company's governance structures to ensure that there are proper checks and balances in place. We believe that strong governance structures are critical to ensuring that the company is being run in the best interests of shareholders.

  4. Management Analysis: We evaluate the quality of the company's management team, their experience, track record, and alignment with shareholder interests. We also look at the company's compensation structures to ensure that they are aligned with long-term shareholder value.

  5. Strategic Plan: We work with the company's management team to develop a strategic plan that focuses on maximizing long-term shareholder value. This plan includes a clear roadmap for growth, operational improvements, and governance enhancements.

  6. Proxy Fights: We are prepared to engage in proxy fights to ensure that our interests are represented on the board of directors. We work with other shareholders to build support for our proposals and to ensure that the company is being run in the best interests of shareholders.

Our activist investment approach is grounded in the belief that companies can be improved through constructive engagement with management and the board of directors. We are committed to protecting our investments and maximizing long-term shareholder value through activism.

Investment Criteria (Activism) 

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