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 Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC.

The investment thesis of the Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC. is grounded in the principle of maximizing returns while minimizing risk for our investor, Jake P. Noch. Our approach is to employ a combination of active, passive, and tactical investment strategies that are designed to achieve our investment objectives.

One of our key investment strategies is activist investing. We identify companies that we believe have significant potential but are poorly managed. We take a proactive approach to these companies by investing in them and working to improve their management and governance structures. We are not afraid to take legal action to protect our investments and to block management from running companies without proper checks and balances.


In addition to activist investing, we also engage in non-activist and passive investments in companies that we believe are geared towards growth. We invest in companies that have strong fundamentals, stable financials, and a clear path towards growth. We also take short positions in companies that we see as overvalued, poorly managed, or whose valuations have been separated from reality.

To diversify our investment portfolio, we work with 3rd party wealth management firms such as Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan Private Bank. We also engage in ultra-high-frequency trading, arbitrage opportunities, and investment alternatives such as private funds, royalties, and hedge funds.

We also create and/or acquire companies, particularly those that qualify for Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) tax status. Our strategy is to build up these companies and exit by taking them public. We hire new management teams to run these companies, set them up with a long-term growth plan, competent management teams, and stable financials.

Our investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that investment success comes from a disciplined and diversified approach to investing. We are committed to providing our investor, Jake P. Noch, with a stable, long-term investment strategy that maximizes returns while minimizing risk.

It's important to note that the Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC. has no clients and no outside investors. Our sole focus is on managing the investments of our investor, Jake P. Noch.

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