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 Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC.



The investment strategy of Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC. is centered on maximizing returns while mitigating risk, with a primary focus on QSBS-driven investments. Our core competency lies in nurturing companies and facilitating their transition to the public sphere through merger transactions, often seeking court approval for 3(a)(10) arrangements. This approach encompasses a blend of active, passive, and tactical investment methodologies to achieve our objectives.

A pivotal component of our strategy involves activist investing, wherein we identify companies ripe for enhancement in management and governance. We proactively engage with these entities to drive performance improvements and protect our investments through legal recourse when necessary.

Furthermore, we pursue non-activist and passive investment opportunities in growth-oriented companies with robust fundamentals. Additionally, we utilize short positions for companies deemed overvalued or inadequately managed.

To diversify our portfolio comprehensively, we collaborate with reputable third-party wealth management firms while actively exploring various investment alternatives. These alternatives span ultra-high-frequency trading, arbitrage opportunities, and private funds.

Moreover, our expertise extends to the creation or acquisition of companies, particularly those eligible for QSBS tax benefits, aiming to facilitate their eventual public listing. Our investment philosophy underscores disciplined diversification to ensure long-term stability and robust returns for our principal investor.

In addition to our strategic focus, we maintain an opportunistic approach, strategically exploring diverse asset classes such as fixed income, equities, derivatives, swaps, commodities, currency pairs, futures, forward contracts, hybrid products, and specialty complex instruments to capitalize on evolving market opportunities.

It is imperative to underscore that Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC. operates exclusively for the management of Jake P. Noch's investments and does not entertain external clients or investors.

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